A guide to some of the world’s best massage techniques

If you want the ultimate in relaxation, nothing will beat a good massage. Massage therapy is known for its rejuvenating and healing properties. After a hard week, you deserve the relaxation that massage therapy can bring. Most popular massage therapies are specific to their country of origin, although some do share similar techniques and accessories. According to Garden Retreat Spa, these are the best massage techniques from around the world:


Swedish massage (which actually isn’t Swedish) is the best therapy for tired and aching muscles. Swedish is the massage of choice for athletes and other sports that involve a lot of physical activity. After a game, you often see players getting a massage, that massage is usually Swedish. The technique involves a lot of rubbing and kneading with the hands and sometimes the elbows.


Thai massage is popular all throughout south-east Asia. Although from Thailand, you will find the technique is the same in nearly all neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The technique involves a lot of stretching sore points. Sometimes, the therapy is painful, but you will come out feeling new.


The Japanese Shiatsu massage technique is all about bringing balance to your body. The therapist uses finger pressure on specific points of the body. Some spa’s combine Shiatsu with some acupuncture treatment. After a long day, a Shiatsu massage will work wonders with your body and mind. You don’t even need to go far. A good Asian massage parlor NYC will have all these techniques and more.