Three Nature Preserves to Visit in the San Juan Islands

Blog provided by San Juan PM

Do you enjoy relaxing hikes or walks through nature? The San Juan Islands is full of places where exotic wildlife and colorful foliage live freely. Here are three beautiful spots you might enjoy trekking through.

Mount Finlayson

Not to be confused with Mount Finlayson in British Columbia, San Juan Island’s Mount Finlayson is a verdant, serene hill on the island’s southern end with nature trails and flower-filled prairies. You may encounter some local denizens such as foxes, eagles, and sea lions.

Yellow Island

The Yellow Island Preserve is a small island housing a nature conservancy that you can take a boat to. You’ll find a unique, breathtaking away of wildflowers native to the San Juan Islands. The different flower species have been faithfully preserved and protected from being overrun by non-native foliage. Without a doubt, this is the best spot for admiring exotic plants on the Islands.

Turtleback Mountain

Located on Orcas Island, Turtleback Mountain earns its name with a series of hills shaped like a turtle’s shell. As you journey through the turtle’s back, you’ll see spectacular views of the islands, and exotic avians such as golden eagles, swallows, and turkey vultures.

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