Best kayaking places in the Washington state area

If you love kayaking for sport or just love the outdoors and the open water, you may want to go Kayaking Washington state. Here are some of the most popular kayaking spots in the area.

Kayaking in the Seattle Area – Seattle is a large area in the Washington state and is an excellent kayaking spot as it has many large bodies of water. The Seattle area also offers a wide range of dining, entertainment, and other activities for those who want to spend a few days in the area. Alki Beach is a fantastic location in West Seattle with an extensive coastline. This area has many kayaking tour companies that offer kayaking tours for affordable prices.

Lake Washington – Lake Washington is a favorite spot for a kayaking adventure. Lake Washington is a vast lake that includes many fish species and therefore is a popular destination for kayak fishing. However, it is essential to acquire the appropriate fishing licenses before setting out. The Mercer Slough nature reserve is also a popular destination in this area as it spans roughly 320 acres of wetlands. The wetlands are full of birds, otters, turtles, and muskrats.

Kayaking in the San Juan Islands – Located off the northwestern coast of Washington State is the Juan Islands. The islands have been a favorite kayaking destination as it offers all sorts of water spots apart from kayaking. The islands are famous for snorkeling, scuba dive, whale watch, and of course, kayaking.

Crystal Seas recommend looking at the best times to visit these destinations by considering the weather and seasonality of tourist.