How To Best Plan Your Trip To Jordan

Summary: There are dozens of ways to explore the ancient kingdom of Jordan while keeping you vacation fresh and exciting.

Traveling to the Middle East is an ancient tradition for travelers looking to understand the history of the world, but sometimes your travel experiences can get stale. Dodge your travel woes by changing up your routine with a handful of tips on how to explore Jordan with new eyes.

Get Behind The Wheel

Enjoy a classic road trip full of wonder and adventure wherever you choose to go in Jordan. Some of the best car rentals in Jordan offer an impressive fleet of vehicles, from eco-friendly hatchbacks to reliable 4WD SUV’s that will safely get you to your destination. Pick up your vehicle as soon as you get off the plane and enjoy the freedom of planning your own route through this grand kingdom.

Book With A Local Travel Agency

Big name tour companies claim to offer the best prices and experiences, but most contract local companies to handle their clients. Cut out the middle man and commission fees by booking your hotels, transfers, and tours directly with companies like Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC. You’ll enjoy lower prices and a more authentic experience.

Take The Road Less Traveled

Major sites like Petra or Wadi Rum have been heavily trafficked by tourists over the years, taking the fun out of exploration. Take some time to experience the capital, Amman, which often gets overlooked as simple a transit point, and visit smaller villages and nature reserves like Dana that don’t get as much love.

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