Things every business traveler should pack

Written by Costbuys

Business travel is not as glamorous as some make it out to be. It might seem exciting to jet around the country, meeting clients and living off room service. But there are also rooms to book, airport after airport to go through. Then there is also the hassle of making sure everything else is packed, nothing is lost and that nothing has fallen through the cracks. This is before thinking about the work you are traveling for in the first place. Here are some of the things a business traveler should never leave home without:

Wi-Fi hotspot

Even if you could expense it, paying as much as $10 or more per hour of Wi-Fi at the airport is a waste of money. A good alternative is to pick up a wireless hotspot device from a shopping website that can give you Wi-Fi wherever you go.

GPS navigation

Car rentals don’t usually include GPS navigation in the basic booking charges. Getting one is one of those hidden charges. Thanks to smartphones, these charges can be avoided. Bring along a car dashboard mount (which can be purchased when discount shopping) and use Google Maps for navigation instead.


Take advantage of the apps on the smartphone to keep track of travel documents. Apps can store the details of tickets, boarding passes, and receipts. This removes one of the biggest hassles for the business traveler, especially those that spends most of the year flying.


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