Amenities in Cayman Islands Condos and Real Estate

Cayman luxury real estate doesn’t take the word “luxury” with a grain of salt. You’ve seen the opulent homes that dot Grand Cayman, but the condominiums offer equal amounts of plush living. Imagine cushioned seats on quiet, private beach. Drinks on a patio before you relax in the sun on a lazy Saturday full of perfect weather. Even if you’re just visiting for business and looking for something better than a hotel, there are multiple amenities to keep real estate prices on the rise.

New Developments

One of the biggest advantage a condo has over a home is the length of time since the structure was developed. Condos, especially in the Seven Mile Beach area, are essentially brand new. Some are still selling out from the units they held at their premier. That means new utilities and modern architecture. If you are looking for real estate in Cayman Islands that won’t require much maintenance, you might want to consider a condominium.


Condos are situated in some of the best areas on Grand Cayman. New developments on Seven-Mile Beach offer unimpeded views of the ocean and are minutes from shops and restaurants. Many have built in gyms, some even have yoga rooms and specialty exercise areas. If relaxation is your thing, you can stake out a spot on the beaches, many of which are serviced by condo personnel.

Final Thoughts

Real estate in Grand Cayman offers several key benefits that make for solid investment:

  • A killer place to stay: seriously, spend a weekend here and try to leave.
  • A great source of income: You owe a stamp duty at sale and you can rent the property short-term to acquire tax-free income.
  • Value: Your property will continue to increase in value year after year

The Cayman Islands are growing and you can grow with them. Investments in condos are more affordable now than ever before.