How Tourists Can Protect Themselves from Pickpockets

Summary: By securing your belongings correctly, you can deter thieves.

Security and privacy are two major concerns for every tourist – especially if you’re traveling to areas that are well populated. With pickpockets scouring tourist traps on a daily basis, you’re putting yourself in the midst of a massive heist without even knowing it. Fortunately, there are ways that you can counter these thieves.

Keep the Bulk Of Your Money in Your Hotel

One of the biggest problems with tourists is that they tend to carry a large sum of cash around in their wallets. Some pickpockets are skilled enough to snatch everything from your pocket without you even feeling it. Rather than carry all of your money around, leave some in a safe at the hotel.

You’re likely to take the bus, which can be a haven for pickpockets, if you’re unaware about your transportation. If you’re travelling, utilize a long term car rental from Abu Dhabi for example, to travel to and from your destination without having to bump into people on the bus.

Keep Your Wallet Secure

If you’re a fan of lightweight clothing, you’re also easy prey for thieves. Whilst there’s no single way to counter a pickpocket, you can make it much more difficult for him by storing your cash and other valuables in a protected pouch or even in a zipped pocket. Remember, people need time to snatch your belongings so it’s crucial that you don’t make it easy for these hooligans to take your things.

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