Travelling to Spain

Spain is a beautiful, unique and interesting country with a lot of regional uniqueness and sophisticated diversity. For first-time travelers, the Spanish stance is; eat well, enjoy yourself, move slowly relax and bask in the natural beauty. The Spaniards love visitors and are accommodating to strangers, appreciate good wine, delight in a good meal and relish the little things life has to offer. The best time to visit Spain is during spring and fall when the weather is favorable.

Accommodation in Spain is relatively affordable as compared to other Western Europe countries. Budget hotels in Madrid and Barcelona start at 45 EUR for a double inclusive of breakfast. Cheaper accommodation with similar services can be found in hostels and through Airbnb across all cities.

Food and wine a great obsession in Spain. The Tapas is a renowned Spanish cuisine, which is found in all restaurants and fast foods. You can enjoy marvelous dishes with Spanish inspirations at affordable prices in fast-food joints. Wine is a national gem in Spain and you can enjoy a bottle of Mencia for as low as $20. To get the best out of Spanish restaurants, always get the menu of the day.

There are plenty of seeing activities to do in the major cities of Madrid, Granada, Basque and Barcelona. Once you land, be sure to obtain city passes for all the cities you plan to visit. This is cost effective as it earns you free transport and entry to the national museums.

Article submitted by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa is a travel blogger with dreams of travelling full time. Follow Dev online to see how you can make your travel dreams come true.