Marine upholstery

Written by The Foam Factory

To enjoy your boat and keep your interiors looking their best, it is advisable to invest in good quality marine foam cushions and upholstery. Here are a few basic tips on selecting the best quality fabrics for your boat.

Fabrics – There are fabrics made for boats, which are sold at many marine upholstery stores. These fabrics range from basic canvas fabrics to intricate jacquards. The fabric you choose should stand up to life on the water and have a soft texture and feel.

UV Resistant – Choose fabrics that are UV resistant as your boat or yacht cushions will be exposed to the sun, salt and chlorine of harsh marine environments.

Mold and mildew resistant – You want to invest in fabrics that are mold and mildew resistant as these fabrics can be easily cleaned by simply brushing off dirt and debris.

Bleach cleanable – Since boat fabrics can get dirty or stained, the fabric you choose should be bleach cleanable without losing its color.

Marine upholstery can be used for:

Cushions – Cushions will provide your space with comfort and a distinctive style.

Sun pads – Sun pads are great to enjoy the sun and the water on your deck. It is vital that durable fabrics are used for this purpose to reduce sun and water damage.

Decorative pillows – For a pop of color and uniqueness, add decorative pillows that match your personality and theme.


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