The Best Kept Secrets From Behind the Hotel Front Desk

Written by: Omar Amanat

Summary: Think you know everything there is about hotels? Think again.

Learn the top secrets that managers and hotel management workers don’t want you to know with this guide. You’ll discover things that’ll make you think twice before booking at certain hotels.


Are you planning on staying for a “one nighter” at a hotel? Be careful, you might get walked and not even know it yet. The average no-show rate at a hotel is roughly 10 percent daily, meaning hotels will overbook up to 110 percent capacity – to maximize profits. What happens when customers actually show up to their reservations? Someone will get “walked”, and it might just be you. You’ll likely get the boot if you’re: using a deeply discounted rate and seem “less important” to the hotel, never stayed a night before and may never visit the location anymore, and are a “one-nighter”.

Ask More In-Depth Questions, Get more Efficient Solutions

If you have a complaint about something, you’re likely to call the front desk directly and ask them to address the problem. Now, keep in mind that the problem isn’t always caused by the front desk at all. So, outline you problem, offer a solution, and ask whom you should speak to in order to get your problem solved. Remember, the front desk will act as a proxy and point you in the “right direction”.

If you want to make sure that the front desk agent doesn’t just nod and smile but fail to even address your issue, get his or her name. Nothing gets an agent more nervous than being directly pointed out and identified – don’t threaten them just be casual. While screaming may be an effective way to get what you want, it’s not as nearly effective as you might think. And, do you really need to act like a spoiled child to get everything you want? Your morals might need a reality check if you go down that path, yikes!